One of the drinks that young and old like most for its flavor and high nutritional value is juice. Whether its fruits or vegetables, anyone enjoys drinking them at any time of the day. If you prepare them like nobody else, take advantage of your talent to obtain juicy profits; here we give you the basic information to prepare a Business Plan, with which you can guarantee the success of your company.

The elements that make up this tool are:

1. MARKET STUDY. With their help, you will know the needs of your future customers, their consumption habits and the competition. The study considers a:

– Analysis of the offer: Identify how many similar businesses exist in the area, as well as the characteristics they have.

– Analysis of the demand: It allows to know the possible clients to establish the services to be offered.

– Price analysis: Compare the prices of the competition.

So that you have greater certainty of the viability of your business, you can complement your research through which you will be able to know the strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats that your company will face.

2. LOCATION AND FACILITIES. Make an effort to find a place that is located in a place of regular transit, also considering that the community or market segment you want to serve is located in said place.

A micro-business in the business sector can start operations in a space of at least 200m2, in which you will need to establish the following areas:

• Receipt of documentation and unloading of raw materials and fuel.

• Storage of water and raw materials.

• Area for the production process (washing, squeezing, refining and classification, correction, quality control, packaging, sterilization, cooling, labeling and packaging).

• Bathroom

• Customer service.

3. TEAM. To keep your business running smoothly, make sure you get the following equipment:

• Cutting table

• Buckets of 50 Lts.

• Juice extractor

• Sifted machine

• Table for packaging

• Autoclave

• Fridge

As your business expands, buy the following:

• Washing tank

• Belt conveyor

• Sifting machine

• Equipment for bacteriological analysis and refract meter to measure Brix degrees.

• Equipment for adjusting juices

• Cooling tank.

• Boiler to generate steam

4. SUPPLIERS. When you choose your suppliers, make sure they can supply you with the products you require on the date, quality, and quantity and conditions necessary for your business to operate 100% every day. Consult the juice bar business plan, which is available on the Internet, to know the best providers in your business.

5. STAFF. You need to recruit the following employees to start operations:

• Managing Director. It establishes the general policies of production, personnel administration, finances and marketing.

• Production manager. Coordinate the activities of production, preventive and corrective maintenance.

• Helpers in general. For handling and hauling of raw material and finished product.

• Laboratory worker. They carry out the necessary tests to verify the quality of the product.

• Machinery operators. They carry out the different production processes.

• Warehouse manager. For control and supervision of inputs and outputs of raw material and finished product.

6. PROVISION OF THE SERVICE. The fundamental goods you must deliver in your organization are:


• Orange

• Grapefruit

• Apple

• Tamarind

• Peach

• Lemon

• Pineapple

• Grape

• Guava


• Tomato

• Carrot

• Lettuce

• Celery

• Bitable

• Watercress

• Parsley

• Mixed fruits and vegetables

The characteristics that these drinks must meet are:

– In addition to having all its nutritional components, the juices must have a pleasant flavor and aroma.

– Raw materials must be transported in bulk and, even when ripe, must be usable.

– The concentrated juices must be stored for long periods in refrigeration chambers without losing their appearance, flavor, texture and properties.

7. CORPORATE IMAGE. To start developing the corporate image of your business:

• Choose a descriptive, original, attractive, clear and simple name.

• Design a representative logo of the business.

• Apply the image to the company’s premises: place an advertisement that identifies its location, paint it with the chosen colors, embody the logo, etc.

• Develops the mission, vision, values, etc.

You should apply the same image when you promote your company in the different media (press, magazines, internet, radio, etc.).

8. INNOVATION. To improve the penetration of your business in the market, you can apply one or more of the following strategies:

• Produce a final product of the highest possible quality

• Establish competitive prices

• Clean hygienic presentation and in the size required by the consumer

• Establish commercial alliances with related businesses

• Manage promotions

• Expand the market, selling products derived from the raw material used, such as pulps, seeds, essences, etc.

9. LEGAL FRAMEWORK. Below we offer you some of the procedures you must carry out to set up your business. All of them are subject to modifications ordered by the corresponding authorities:

• Incorporation of companies before the SRE.

• Notice of use of permits for the incorporation of companies or change of name or company name.

• Public registry of property and commerce.

• Constitution of a micro-industrial limited liability company

• Zoning certification for specific use.

• Land use license.

• Business registration.

• Opening statement.

• Ad license.

• Register of fixed sources and wastewater discharge.

• Constitution of the joint training and education commission.

• Notice of statistical manifestation.

• Safety and operation approval.

• Internal civil protection program.

• Act of integration into the health and safety commission at work centers.

• Approval of training plans and programs.

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