The Covid 19 coronavirus crisis has given rise to new needs and reinforced requirements concerning hygiene measures. For maximum protection of employees and customers in stores, offices, waiting rooms and premises of all kinds, it is necessary to clean and disinfect, regularly, all these spaces with suitable bactericides. Discover our advice for cleaning these different places and our best cleaning things for working and moving in a clean and healthy environment.

How to clean and disinfect a store?

To disinfect a store optimally, it is necessary to scrupulously clean the aisles of the sale point and disinfect all objects and furniture that customers are likely to touch. In this same perspective, special attention must be paid to the checkout area in stores.

Here are our recommendations for cleaning products to disinfect a store:

Floor and Surface Disinfectant Cleaner:

 To effectively clean the floor of your retail space in diluted use.

Disinfectant wipes:

Cleaning small surfaces (door handles, objects, work tools, protective glass for boxes, etc.)

Disinfectant air purifier:

 To purify the air and eliminate airborne microbes.

What to clean and disinfect offices with?

Offices, and in particular open spaces, can also contribute to the spread of viruses. In addition to desks and worktops, be sure to scrupulously clean and disinfect all computer equipment: computers, screens, keyboards, mice, faxes, printers, and other devices.

When cleaning offices, do not neglect the disinfection of common areas! Indeed, coffee machines, microwave ovens, tables, cutlery, reusable cups, or any other element that may contact several people must be carefully cleaned and disinfected.

To clean offices and common areas, you can use the chemicals for cleaning purposes

Disinfectant wipes:

For cleaning workstations (computers, keyboards, mice, etc.) and door handles, coffee machines, switches, office supplies, etc.

Floor cleaners and disinfectants:

Dilute your cleaner to optimally disinfect your PVC, vinyl, or laminate floors, as well as your parquet floors, your linoleum, or all your non-porous tiles. Santol floor and surface cleaners are particularly effective for this.

Disinfectant washing gel:

Ideal for fighting bacteria, in addition to careful hand washing.

Air purifiers:

 Perfect for disinfecting and cleaning the air in confined spaces such as offices.

Clean and disinfect a waiting room

If you receive clients, visitors, or patients in a waiting room, it should also be cleaned regularly. Ideally, systematic cleaning of the chairs, benches, or armchairs should be carried out between each person. Points of contact should also be limited. Thus, it is recommended to avoid the provision of magazines or toys that the children may bandle as far as possible. Here too, cleaning must be carried out regularly to limit the proliferation of viruses and bacteria.

Antibacterial wipes:

To be used to clean waiting room chairs and armchairs and disinfect door handles, switches, tables, etc.

Textile disinfectant:

 Ideal for disinfecting fabric chairs or armchairs and curtains and all other textile surfaces.

Floor cleaners:

Floor isinfectant cleaners are particularly perfect for purifying the floor. Diluted with water, they are extremely effective against viruses, fungi, and bacteria of all kinds.

Air purifiers:

Use them regularly to purify and clean the air in waiting rooms. This is all the more important in doctors’ waiting rooms, offices, hospitals, or even medical centers. You will thus limit the virus’s risk of spreading between the different patients who will take place in your waiting room.

Protective masks and visors

In addition to cleaning your store, office, or waiting room, it is recommended to wear and provide:

Protective masks: disposable or reusable, these masks help limit the spread of viruses. At Creative, we offer elastic bands and fabric so that you can make your masks.

Protective visors: ideal for protecting the face and thus limiting contact with various viruses and microbes.

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